Inkjet Solutions For Variable Data Printing

Zeta represents Flexible Printing Solutions from Florida, USA. They are a ‘system integrator’ and are Original Equipment suppliers of Variable Data Printing (VDP) systems to Mark Andy, the leading manufacturer of Flexo Presses. Very recently, Zeta has itself become a System Integrator, the OEM Partner of inc.jet Inc., an American company that has the technology in the T I J (Thermal Ink Jet) world. Hewlett Packard (HP)’s T I J technology has recently got a new lease of life with it becoming the defacto standard for Coding & Marking in Pharma and Food industry all over the world. Inc.jet gives their OEM Partners the electronic hardware and software to build sophisticated solutions for both the Graphics and the Coding & Marking market 

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ZETAMARKETING can design and build a Appropriate custom inkjet printing system for your specific application. All of our products are designed for the production environment, and with operational ease, safety, and international code compliance.​
Solution For Every Possible Customer Requirement We have a choice of solutions for Variable Data Printing (VDP). Once we understand the customer’s requirement we can suggest an appropriate solution.
TezJet 350 – from Zeta Marketing, is a ‘full capability’ VDP system that can do almost all types of VDP jobs including all possible barcodes.
TezJet is Providing Applications

Every Kind of Numbering

Telecom KYC Forms Barcode

Courier Slip With Barcode

​OMR Sheets

Examination Answer Book

AGM Attandance Forms

Electric Bills

Lottery Tickets &

Any VDP Jobs

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